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Please review all rules and expectations with your child

These rules are identified on the Sign Up Forms as well.

- Rules and Information -

1. Safety is our first concern. We want you to have fun, but at the same we expect you to follow the rules and respect others.

2. No skis/boards are allowed on the regular school bus. You are responsible for getting your equipment to and from school on the days of the program.

3. You will be assigned a bus to ride to and from the mountain. You cannot change, assigned bus. Everyone is to follow the same rules as stated in the student handbook for bus transportation - stay seated, keep noise to a minimum, keep track of your belongings, pick up all trash, etc. If rules are not followed, you will lose bus privileges with no refund. If you are not taking the bus back, you must have a signed note.

4. Bus chaperone will hand out your pass upon calling attendance; it is then your responsibility.

5. Dress warmly. Snow pants, warm jacket, , gloves, goggles, , and helmets should be considered.

6. You must ski/board in control at all times. Know and observe all safety rules. Read the safety info on Pats Peak application. Do not ride the chairlift until your instructor gives you the ok. Do not attempt to ski/board trails beyond your ability. First timers should stick to green trails only. Do not use closed trails. Pat’s Peak Ski Patrol or chaperones will take away your pass if you do not follow the rules.

7. Always use ski racks for skis, boards, poles. Do not leave them on the ground.

8. Come into the lodge to eat and warm up as needed. There is a chaperone Mascenic table there to help you. Feel free to report any problems, or ask for help if needed.

9. Remember to bring food, money or Café Card to purchase food. It’s a long time from lunch till 10 pm. Dispose of your trash properly when done.

10. Remember to attend at time. (ASK A CHAPERONE FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT!)

11. Be sure to return rental equipment, gather belongings and by You must know the time, or find it out from information bldg., chaperone, lift attendants, etc. NO EXCUSES! Once on you must stay there.

12. Have ride waiting for you at . at Mascenic.

13. Follow all school and Pats Peak rules for appropriate language and behavior in general.

You may be asked to leave the Program and/or bus if rules are not followed - no refunds given. 

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