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Mascenic Area Ski Program communicates with you primarily via email. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address when you complete your forms.

* This is a required form, as it contains Release of Liability and Program Registration

* This form will be available at sign-ups. If you choose to print, please print the document as a two-sided form, so that it is on one piece of paper. 

Information for parents about the Mascenic Area Ski Program.

** Important Note: Please be aware that an additional BUS COST will be added to the prices notated on this program form. Bus fees are added per student sign up and are charged whether your student rides the bus each week or not.

Forms are also available directly through the Mascenic Area Ski Program coordinators. Please direct inquiries to:

  • Susan Stalbird - 603.878.4557
  • Heather Long - 603.325.0716
  • Nick Letters - 603.801.8193
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