MASCENIC AREA SKI PROGRAM - Serving Students in the Mascenic School District - Grades 5-12
The first day of Mascenic Area Ski Program is Friday, February 14th

Communication is by e-mail - Please access the e-mail you provided frequently.
No equipment or gear bags can be brought to Boynton.
Mascenic & Boynton - Bring equipment and gear bags to the red storage building to the left of the High School before 8:45.  
Please take a moment to place everything properly to ensure room for everyone's belongings.  Your belongings will be secured.

No Gear Bags are allowed on the bus to Pats Peak.  Gear bags need to be dropped in the same location as the equipment.  Only school bags are allowed on the bus.
Pick up time is at MASCENIC HIGH SCHOOL only at 10:00 pm