MASCENIC AREA SKI PROGRAM - Serving Students in the Mascenic School District - Grades 5-12

The first day of the
Mascenic Area Ski Program 
is this 
Friday, February 20th

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If you did not receive that message you must either call one of the coordinators or e-mail and give us your e-mail address.  This is how we communicate to you.

  • Boynton - equipment may be brought to the front lobby either before 7:30AM or after 7:55AM. Equipment cannot be dropped off between 7:30AM and 7:55AM because of the buses discharging students.
  • Mascenic - Bring equipment to Mrs Heywood 
  • Gear bags need to be dropped in the same location as the equipment. Only school bags are allowed on the bus to Pats Peak.
  • Equipment and gear bags may be picked up for transport to Pats Peak BEFORE student dismissal, so do not plan to drop it off late.
  • Pick up time is at MASCENIC HIGH SCHOOL only at 10:00pm. 

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If you have questions, call a coordinator:
Susan Stalbird - 603.878.4557 
Melanie Kumph - 603.533.7469
Heather Long - 603.878.0905 
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